ReRoll helps recapture unenrolled students.

ReRoll uses proprietary technology to help you reconnect with unenrolled students, and get them back on track.

1. Upload

Assign us lists of 'at-risk' or unenrolled students, via secure upload link.

2. Map

We'll tell you which students are still in the district, and match them to an Active Device ID.

3. Engage

Use a myriad of ad-channels and content mediums to drive students back into the classroom.

Case Study

Killeen ISD, Project Missing Students

ReRoll deployed for Killeen ISD in 2020 - they saw over half of their unenrolled students come back to the classrooms, and bolstered their operating budget much closer to pre-covid numbers.


Students Identified


Students Re-Enrolled


Recapture Rate

Student enrollment is declining, let's get them re-enrolled.

ReRoll protects districts from the funding impact of declining enrollment, and helps ensure every student has the opportunity to learn.

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